Photo by Ava Lightwood; Art by Andy Moreta

Photo by Ava Lightwood; Art by Andy Moreta


Me Hago Falta, which translate to “I am missing myself”, is an interdisciplinary dance theater piece exploring the relationship between the pride and prejudices present in the Afro Latinex community in America. Director Talia Moreta calls upon various Afro Latinex artists of different medium to tell the story of an ambiguous Latina woman who represents the struggle our community faces to break stereotypes and rise up in finding our identity. Dancers and artists will act as narrators and guide the audience through the space with cinematic and dynamic scenes constructed through research, and scripted from experiences of the artists involved.

Me Hago Falta is sponsored, in part, by The Greater New York Arts Development Fund of The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC).

Me Hago Falta is produced in collaboration with THE CREATORS COLLECTIVE



  • Talia Moreta - Director; Choreographer
  • Belinda Adam - Assistant Director; Company Manager; Dancer
  • Anya Clarke - Dancer
  • Dominica Greene - Dancer
  • J'nae Simmons - Dancer
  • Nuria Martin Fandos - Dancer
  • Reanna Comstock - Dancer
  • Lucca Damilano - Text; Assistant Director
  • Andy Moreta - Visual Artist
  • Geri Soriano Lightwood - Sound Arrangement