A laboratory environment for collaborative investigation of the impulse for human connection, which engages individuals from across artistic disciplines.


 Photo by Ava Lightwood

Photo by Ava Lightwood

Suku Dance Lab is a Brooklyn based dance-theater company founded in October of 2015 by Talia Moreta and Belinda Adam. We aim to create accessible and relatable performances rooted in dance and theater. Holding collaboration at the center of our process, Suku Dance Lab calls upon various dance lineages, elements of voice, and live music to establish a dynamic and nuanced lens through which to examine community - how human experiences can be deeply unique and simultaneously universal.


Belinda Adam and Talia Moreta began their collaborative partnership creating work while at Chapman University (2011-2015) and have continued to create together in New York City. Since the founding of Suku Dance Lab in October of 2015, we have already presented work publicly in connection with The Creators Collective, The WMAAC Intimate Beauty Series, Dixon Place, the Pushing Progress showcase, and with WAXworks. Suku Dance Lab is also committed to working with artists who come from an eclectic/diverse range of experience - both in terms of culture and training - thus creating onstage the possibility for a richer movement language to emerge from this intersection. Rather than homogeneity, Suku Dance Lab values the expressive power in each artist and seeks to  challenge the perception of what a dance company looks like and how it operates. We are interested in the universality of the flaws in human existence, and in creating accessible work that can be seen in a wide range of performance spaces, including media platforms such as live streaming and online video. Suku Dance Lab looks to launch our audiences into dialogue brought up by relationships, challenges, suffering, victory, intimacy and identity in this rapidly shifting and ever more-connected world.




Belinda Adam is a dancer, choreographer, and movement researcher originally from Indonesia. In 2009, she moved to Los Angeles where she received her AA in Dance from Santa Monica College and BFA in Dance from Chapman University. Belinda has worked with Kybele Dance Theater , Michiyaya Dance and Designated Movement Company, and has performed in the works of Seda Aybay, Maria Gillespie, Denise Leitner, and Karen McDonald. She has also worked closely with Holly johnston and Jennifer Backhaus. Shortly after moving to NYC, Belinda co-founded Suku Dance Lab with Talia Moreta.

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Talia Moreta is a dancer, choreographer, and performing artist from Los Angeles, California. She graduated from Chapman University with a BFA in dance, studying ballet, modern and contemporary; she is the recipient of awards in Talent and Outstanding Choreography. Throughout her career, she has performed in the works of Holly Johnston, Liz Maxwell, Sarri Sanchez, Erik Speth, and the Rock Collection. She has also worked closely with choreographers Jenny Backhaus, Sean Greene and Leann Alduenda. Recently, Talia co-founded Suku Dance Lab with her creative partner Belinda Adam.

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