La Ama de Casa, synonymous with La Abuelita, is an older Catholic Latina woman, mother of a huge household. Rooted in tradition, Ama de Casa seeks order and sets the rules. She feels like home. She teaches you fear. She teaches you kindness. She is the push and pull between moral and religious rigidity, and round welcoming femininity. She is the “Mother of the House” and instills so much in Latina culture, she is the keeper of tradition. This solo delves into the three dimensional human  being behind La Ama de Casa: her story, told by her. Through this we are able to see the pain, joy, loss, and love that shaped our culture.

This work is a further research into “Me Hago Falta” which had its debut in October of 2017. The original piece was a commentary on the Latina-Americans' experience with cultural identity. The concept was explored through characters which represented and personified different Latina stereotypes we see in the media. This study is a focus on one of the 6 characters: La Ama de Casa.


Talia Moreta - Director / Choreographer
Belinda Adam - Assistant Director
Nuria Martin Fandos - Performer
Lucca Damilano - Text Director
Aimee Lalonde - Photographer

Special Thanks to Julian Klepper and Julieta Varela