A N I M A is a solo immersive dance theater piece that explores and challenges the ideas of femininity according to our dominant patriarchal culture. Since this normalized standard is quite distorted, the soloist will shatter molds by digging deep into her body and physicality to break barriers set by society, leaving her with an unmanufactured and amplified vision of herself. ANIMA cultivates a laboratory environment for collaborative investigation of the subject around raw femininity, questioning the flawed societal idea of female identity in this rapidly shifting and ever more-connected world.


Belinda Adam - Director, Choreographer, Dancer
Talia Moreta - Assistant Director

Excerpt of A N I M A was performed at Peridance Salvatore Capezio Theater on February 25, 2018.
A N I M A will premiere on Saturday, November 10 at Five Myles as a Split Bill show with Nia & Ness