ANIMA is an immersive solo performance that challenges the idea of femininity according to our dominant patriarchal culture. Movements and imageries are drawn from performer’s personal journey and her own subconscious childhood memories, which are then combined with historical research of the women’s role within patriarchal society. Through live performance, original sound scores and prop designs, ANIMA tells the story of a woman who shatters molds and barriers set by society, leaving her with an authentic and unmanufactured version of herself.


Belinda Adam - Director, Choreographer, Dancer
Talia Moreta - Assistant Director
Lucca Damilano - Assistant Director
Geri Soriano Lightwood - Sound Designer
Aimee Lalonde & Anjola Toro - Photographer

A N I M A debut is on November 10th, 2018 at Five Myles, a Split Bill show with Nia & Ness